actually, today it was the last day of the musical rehearsal week...

it was great: not only very hard but also very funny- i learned much about people i didn't know very well, yet. they were so cool and friendly and some guys especially tasja and swana, my little sister, I must confess, have become very close to me.

like at the english theatre last year I'd love to speak english the whole time 'though there are our special guests harrison and fraser who are newseelandish and a lot of german students who are much better than I am talking english... it's quite confusing to talk with an Engish person but now I'm sure to go to England after the A-levels to do work and travel in the hotel-branch for a year. perhaps there'll be a new architecture-branch with ecologial- renewable houses which I could study if I become bored in hotels....

at last I have to say one thing: I love you all from my musical

18.8.07 16:22

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